5 Must Have in Clothing for Men this Summer

At Article for Style we love the summer, not only for the sunny weather and warm days, but also for the outfit possibilities!
The men in our office have been changing their sweater based outfits to more comfortable t-shirts and shorts as of late, so it inspired us to make a list of the 5 items of clothing that you should be looking to buy before the warm weather really starts!


Boat shoes
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Boat shoes combine the world of smart and casual together whilst not compromising on comfort, perfect for a gentleman who wants to look his best whilst also standing out from a crowd. For the best results we would suggest wearing boat shoes with light coloured chinos or trousers as it really makes the shoes pop!
Boat shoes salute the past with their retro choice of colours, whilst making modern strides with their comfortable shape and design.


Designer sock subscription socks
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One thing which celebrities have been going crazy about has been the London sock Company’s designer sock subscription gifts, with the recent trend of high cut trousers, socks are more on show than ever before in the fashion world, with opportunities to match with your t-shirt and accessories, their socks will have your outfit looking new and fresh.
With their sock subscription service or ‘sock club’, you can get luxury socks sent to you direct to your door every month, making sure that your wardrobe stays up to date. If you live a fast-paced life where you don’t want to go shopping for socks but still want to look your best, this is highly recommended. This is perfect for a gift idea too, as you can buy months in advance e.g. a 6 month subscription.


Weekend bags

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Organisation will help you look your best. You can’t be comfortable if you are carrying around a lot of loose items, so why not invest in a weekend bag? They are perfect for days out and for travelling, and it does help that they look great too! Avoid leather styled bags, as in the summer the colour can be faded easily.
The best thing about a weekend bag is that, it is the perfect accessory to establish an outfit which includes the other listings (boat shoes and designer socks)


A pair of clubmasters

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Ray bans have always been the best sunglasses on the maker for men in particular. With their dedication to representing retro styles from the past in the present and re-purposing traditional styles such as their clubmaster range is second to none.
Although, Raybans are usually expensive, you didn’t hear it from us but *shhhh* you can get cheaper branded clubmaster retro styles sunglasses for a faction of the price in stores such as Topman, H&M etc.


A light hoodie for cold nights

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Let’s not get more enthusiastic, it’s still the UK that we live in, and just because it’s summer doesn’t mean it’s going to be warm all the time. So it’s always good to have a little insurance. That insurance comes in the form of a light hoodie to fling into your bag and put on when the sun goes down later on in the evening.
The great thing about a light hoodie is that you’ll be able to effortlessly roll it up and put it in your bag as it weighs very light.

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